​Comparisons between the Sigelei Fuchai 200W, Wismec Rx200W, and the Kangertech Kbox 200W


For those of you have small to medium sized hands, and possibly even large hands (going by glove sizes here), the Kbox 200W and RX200 are going to be the clear winners. They will fit easily into your hand, allowing all four fingers to grip these mods securely. Not to say that the Fuchai will not fit your hand as easily, it will just seem much larger. As someone with x-large hands, I am only able to grip the Kbox 200W and the RX200 comfortably with three fingers whereas with the Fuchai, I am better able to grip it securely.The RX200 has the most interesting color choices, especially the teal and white that is has going on, but it is hard to beat the classic colors the Fuchai has available to it. The rubberized finish is what really takes the cake in this category, as it makes the Fuchai feel wonderful and is an option that is not typically found on mods under the $100 price point. I would have to recommend the RX200 is you have average to smaller hands, or do not mind holding the RX200 or the Kbox 200W with your pinkie finger either curling under the mod like too small saucer or sticking out like you are drinking tea. For those who have larger hands, the Fuchai is the clear winner, as well as for those who do not want their mod sliding out of their hands if the outside gets a bit wet from leaking ejuice as the rubberized finish takes care of the problem rather nicely.


If you are looking for a small mod, the RX200 is slightly shorter than the Kbox 200W and while it is wider than the Kbox 200W, its length is shorter. If the RX200 had more height, it would be perfect for my hands, and for those with hands smaller than mine, it should fit one’s grip naturally. Comparatively, the Fuchai is taller and has a rhombus shape to it that is a bit… odd the first time one uses it. But once having held it for a bit, the shape fits the hand and grip nicely. I would have to say in the field of how the mods feel while holding them, the RX200 is the clear winner, with the clear winner.


While the Kbox 200W is made from a zinc and aluminum alloy, it feels like plastic. Not to say that it is not well made, as it is. Especially the tight fitting battery door, which is a rather clever design. But the alloy makes the mod rather too light for my tastes. Using it made me feel as though I had to be careful with it, careful that I would not break it through normal usage. For those who are looking for the lightest 200W mod, read no further as the Kbox 200W wins in that regard. Material-wise, the RX200 is made from stainless steel and the Fuchai is made from a zinc-alloy. Though the Fuchai is taller than the RX200, the zinc-alloy helps the Fuchai to be rather light… nearly as light as the RX200. Before the batteries are in them, that is. Once the three batteries are in the mod, compared to the two that the Fuchai and Kbox 200W use, the RX200 is the heaviest (though still much lighter than the SnowWolf for comparison’s sake). Overall, I would have to say the RX200, due to the stainless steel construction, if not for the fact that the Fuchai having been made from a zinc-alloy that has been rubberized.

Battery Life

The battery life on all three are phenomenal. I don’t think I would ever go back to a lower wattage mod even though I rarely, if ever, get near the max output these mods can get to with my builds. This is due to the battery life that they have with multiple 18650 batteries. It is not uncommon for me to only need to change out my batteries on the Fuchai or Kbox 200W every 3-4 days and once every 4-5 days with the RX200. The three batteries that the RX200 uses, while making it the heaviest of the three, really extends your battery life and vape time. If you are looking for a mod with the longest time needed between battery recharging, the RX200 is the mod for you.


All three mods state they can go up to 200W, but only the RX200 truly delivers on that promise. Depending on your batteries, and you should be using 25rs or better, you may get 3-4 hits at 185-190W, max, before the wattage you can use will drop drastically. Compared to the RX200, you can actually vape at full 200W until the batteries are drained to nearly 1/5th their voltage. When vaping at the max these mods can vape at, and stepping down accordingly, the Fuchai and the Kbox 200W started to tell me that the batteries were fully drained when they were only halfway drained according to my external charger. They required roughly a dozen battery changes in a single day while vaping at their max wattages, whereas the RX200 only required a single battery change after a day and a half. If you are looking for a mod that will either hit 200W and keep it there all day long, the RX200 is the one to get, hands down. If you rarely, if ever, vape at that high of wattages, then the RX200 may just be a bit overkill for your needs and the Fuchai or the Kbox 200W will suit you better.

Temperature Control

The types of wires available, at this time, for Temperature Control are the following: Nickel 200 (Ni200), Titanium (Ti), and Stainless Steel (SS). While one does not need specific modes for vaping specific wires, i.e. you can use SS and Ti coils on a mod that only has a Ni200 mode if you are able to do the math, it is by far the easier and better option to use a mod that has a mode for the specific wire type that you are wanting to use. The Fuchai, out of the three, has the least options when it comes to Temp Control; only having modes for Nickel and Titanium (as well as Power mode for non-Temp Control vaping with Kanthal). The Kbox 200W and the RX200 both have modes for Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. Either the Kbox 200W or the RX200 are the mods to get if Temp Control is a need for you as Stainless Steel coils have gotten extremely popular lately and I see them only increasing in popularity as time moves forward (stainless is closer to nichrome resistance rather than obnoxiously low resistance with nickel so 20, 22, 24 gauge will all work well).

Ease of Use

All three mods have rather easy to use menus systems. For the Kbox 200W, to change the mode from Power to Ni200, or to Ni200 from Ti, and so on, you simply have to press the fire button three times quickly and you are set. To change the wattage or temp, just press the up and down buttons. Can’t get any easier than that. The Fuchai’s menu system is extremely similar to the Sigelei 75w, with only a Ti mode added, meaning that is is easy and simple as well to use. The RX200 had a few issues with the menu system in the 1.07v, but with the new 3.0 update, the RX200’s menu system is awesome to run through, Just press the fire button five times to enter the menu and from there you can pick your mode or even set up three custom TCoR values for different wires, such as SS317 or SS430. All in all, I would have to go with the Kbox 200W for ease of use with the menu system and ability to change through the modes quickly as I can do it without even looking at the screen whereas with the others I do need to look in order to change the settings.


On the upgradability aspect of these mods, the Fuchai falls rather short. The Fuchai does not have a micro-usb port in which to upgrade it so you are stuck with the options that you have, which, to be fair, feels as though the Fuchai is underpowered compared to the ability to upgrade the Kbox 200W and the RX200. Especially as when customers spoke out on the issues with SS settings on the RX200, they quickly came out with updates to fix the issues, as well as making the menu system easier to read and use. On this, either the Kbox 200W or the RX200 clearly come out ahead as if you are looking for a mod that will last, you will want to always pick one up that has the ability to be upgraded to the newest settings and firmware. This makes your mod less likely to end up unwanted as those options become available, but only in a newer version of a mod that you have to purchase, instead of just plugging it in and downloading the new firmware update.

Last Thoughts

All three mods have their specific audience in the vaping world. The RX200 is best for those who vape at a desk or in their car the majority of the time due to its weight and size. The RX200 does fit perfectly in vehicle cup holders without falling over at every turn like the other two, but carrying one around all day, even in a pocket, gets to be a bit of a chore. The Kbox 200W is perfect for walking around and vaping. It’s low weight and slim profile make it perfect for holding onto or placing it into a pocket, even a shirt pocket, and forgetting that it is there. The Kbox 200W does have a few issues, such as it is a small mod and those with larger hands may not feel comfortable with it in their hands, but it cannot be ignored on the ease of use and portability. The Fuchai is more of a cross between the two. It is not a desk or car mod, but it does get a bit tedious to carry over time due to its taller profile and higher weight. That said, the Fuchai is great for vaping while drinking or when being rugged is part of the picture as I have dropped this mod multiple times at varying heights and even when dropped on concrete from a good 6ft, there is barely a blemish. The rubberized finish makes the Fuchai the most rugged of the bunch (whereas dropping the other two quickly made scratches and dents).All in all, you cannot go wrong with any of these mods. Especially at the low prices they are selling for these days!

Note: While the RX200 does allow one to charge their batteries in the mod, and it does work extremely well especially after the newest firmware update, I always recommend an external charger to be used to charge your batteries in.