​IPV D3 Review

Presenting to you the fairly new to the Pioneer4you line up of excellent vaporizing products is the IPV D3. Small and sleek, tidy and compact the IPVD3 is a fantastic little vaporizing unit that packs just enough power to meet your on the go needs. Not everyone likes to carry the large and somewhat bulky double 18650 battery vaporizers around and the D3 certainly let’s you take advantage of the size difference. Even though the IPVD3 is on the small side, it’s still boasting 80 watts of power and the full range of temperature settings in both Nickel and Titanium Temperature Control modes. The IPVD3 should have no issues running most of the tanks and coil setups out there on the market today as well as having enough power in wattage mode to deliver a solid haul using a rebuildable atomizer.

The IPVD3 is not the first single 18560 battery vape device from Pioneer4you and I cannot see it being the last as the compact design is a great and useful style of vape for the on the go type of person. Previous versions of single 18650 battery vaporizers in the IPV line have been similar but not as refined as the IPVD3, so far these include the IPV Mini, the IPV Mini 2 and the IPVD2 and by comparison you can see the IPVD3 is so far the latest stepping stone for the evolution of Pioneer4you’s single 18650 battery vaporizer. The original IPV Mini only had a maximum of 70 watts and could only fire down to 0.2 ohms which is great for any sub ohm tank that was out during that time and even still now would suit the needs of most current tanks as I said before. That being said when we look at what the IPVD3 can do, it has and extra 10 watts over the older model (5 more than the IPVD2) totaling 80 watts in power mode and can fire down to a low resistance of 0.1 ohm. That is great for a single 18650 battery device but you hardly will see tanks with coils in that range it still leaves ample play room for rebuildable atomizer users.

Another great aspect for the IPVD3 that came along with the release of the IPVD2 is Temperature Control modes, yes the IPVD3 has them too allowing you to run both Nickel and Titanium Coils in your favorite hardware. Myself I’m not a big user of temperature control but I will assure you it has it’s advantages for those who like much more control over their vaporizing experience.

The IPVD3 does not stray too far in it’s sleek stylish design from the IPVD2 and in fact someone could easily mistake one for the other upon a quick glance but I assure you these two small units are different enough to make the difference. Around the firing button, OLED screen and adjustment buttons the accent lines take a different que and actually add more appeal rather than simple outlining the front face. The curves are pretty much all the same and might I remind you these curves help pull us away from that super square box mod design.

The other change that is not really noticeable right away unless you remove it is the battery door. The IPVD2‘s battery door was a lot larger, it wrapped around part of the sides of the vape unit and was nearly as tall. It was not magnetically held in place but rather held in place with a ball bearing pressure setup that was rather annoying from the sounds of the feedback the IPVD2‘s users had to say. If you read Ashley’s Review of the IPVD2 she really explains what the real issue with that battery door are. With the IPVD3 they have completely changed the design of the battery door without compromising the shape of the overall vape unit by getting rid of the wrapping sides and making it a magnetically locking battery door, it’s a near seamless fit. So before with the IPVD2 having a sloppy play or seemingly loose fit, the IPVD3 is anything but. So far I’ve had no issues with this new design and find it rather a rather comfortable use. I might add that it still has that cool metal on metal clank when you place the battery lid back on, almost like popping a clip back into a pistol sound.

There was a bit of a paint issue with the IPV Mini, the Mini 2 and the IPVD2 where they seemed more susceptible to scratches that a lot of other vaporizers. Being a social media fan I would see lots of these vape units in posted pics and a great majority of the aforementioned vape units would be just covered in scratches or have been reskined with a vinyl to cover the scratches. I had my own theories as to why this could have been, perhaps it is that they are pocket sized vape units and end up in pockets with other things such as keys and loose change or maybe it’s because they are a small vape unit and heat up more sooner affecting the life of the paint job or maybe even the eJuice affecting the paint. Well, needless to say the second two theories are not that likely but the first is plausible. Someone recently busted my thought bubble and said “no it is literally the paint job and most of these vape units end up that way”. Well apparently the folks at Pioneer4you have heard these issues and listened, The IPVD3 is supposed to be painted is a more scratch resistant paint and will be less vulnerable to the scuffs and marks we are used to seeing on these small vape units over time. My own opinion on that is it is something that only time itself will tell.

The IPVD3 does feature USB charging but Pioneer4you has done something a bit different than I’m used to seeing on vaporizers with the USB option. Instead of putting a micro USB port directly on the IPVD3 there is a 5 volt DC in jack on the bottom and included in the box is a chord specifically for this input. This is alright if you are accustomed to charging via USB port but for me I still prefer my Nitcore digital charger for the job of charging my 18650 batteries. One downside of this setup means there will be no, I repeat the will be no updates for the IPVD3 but in reality I’m not to sure this little sucker will ever require an update as it is the result of many upgrades from it’s predecessor. I have used the DC in to charge with for a few charges and it does serve it’s purpose well so in respects to DC in USB charging for the IPVD3 it works and works well.

The OLED screen is bright and easy to read in direct sunlight, artificial light or even the dark. The Number readout is nice and clear and no mistaking what is being displayed when using or when cycling thru the menu. In power mode the screen displays your current wattage setting, resistance, voltage and battery level. In Temperature Control modes you get your temperature setting, resistance and wattage readout and of course the battery level indicator.

Navigating through the menu is pretty simple and much like many other vaporizers. Five clicks puts you into selection mode where you can chose which mode, system off, menu exit and version which tells which tells you what version chip your IPVD3 is using(mine has the YiHi SX150H) . I have noticed that the buttons seem really firm when I first started using my IPVD3 but I’m sure it is just to assure no accidental adjustments or firing. Included is the standard lock feature to prevent accidental mishaps as well.

The YiHi SX150H chip is an upgrade from the chip the IPVD2 utilized, the YiHi SX130H. Some folks solely base their selection of vaporizers on the chip that the unit is running and one of the best series of chip from what I’ve learn is the YiHi chips. Pioneer4you and Sigelei tend to be leaders in the industry and both use the same chips in a lot of their vaporizers and is clear the YiHi SX chips have proven to be one of the best that can be used to drive these high quality vaporizers. Just to specify the chip is responsible to power regulation, safety features, resistance detection, battery protection, ect., and is quite easy to see how the chip can define the vaporizer.

Something a lot of people should be considering when purchasing a vaporizer is battery type, whether it be a removable single or dual 18650 batteries, internal or Li-Po pack the type of battery is an important factor. With the IPVD3 it has a removable single 18650 battery so there is only one battery to worry about and if it should ever go bad on you it is that simple to replace. Had the IPVD3 or it’s predecessors been produced with an internal cell the whole unit would have to be discarded or a rather troublesome internal battery replacement if the unit in question is even capable of having that done. With Li-Po battery packs the power is some much more intense I’ve found but I have yet to see an efficient Li-Po battery pack as small at the IPVD3 itself plus they Li-Po battery packs are very sensitive to temperature, impact and proper charge technique and can be easily fouled up. In my opinion removable 18650 batteries are definitely the way to go.

A huge selling point is cost, everyone must take the price of a vape into consideration and with wake and vape you will always find the greatest deals. Right now on Wake and Vape the IPVD3 is selling regular cost of $46 USD and as of right now is on sale for $39 USD. That’s and amazing deal considering everything I’ve been able to do with this vaporizer and leaves you extra spending money for more eJuice, every vaper out there could definitely use extra eJuice!

I put the IPVD3 through a few weeks of testing before I decided to actually sit down and right this review so I’ve had ample opportunity to figure out where it’s strengths and weakness’ lay and over all I am pretty impressed with what this little puppy can do. When it comes to tanks I tried a few of the more popular tanks with their stock coils such as the Kangertech Subtank Plus with the 0.5 ohm coil and the Smok TFV4 with it’s triple coil. The IPVD3 had absolutely no problem providing the Subtank Plus with ample solid power but keep in mind this was at 30 watts as that is the wattage range for that tank. I enjoyed it so much that it is my current on the go vape setup, the IPVD3 with the Subtank Plus. When testing with the Smok TFV4 I had to turn the IPVD3 up to it’s maximum 80 watts power output and still it was underpowered for my liking but I like thick warm vapor and mass amounts of it. To achieve my preference out of the Smok TFV4 I usually prefer it running between 95 and 110 watts so I kind of figured it would feel under powered. Battery Life is exceptionally well when running the Subtank Plus and I have found that I get between a half of a day and sometime closer to a full day from one charge and that is with 2500mah battery life.

When trying out the IPVD3 with different builds in a rebuildable atomizer I did not want to just slap a huge build and get poor performance out of the IPVD3 so I started with a simpler smaller build and not expect too much out of this small vaporizer. The first build I went with was the same that I use on my mechanical tube mod which is 7 wraps of nichrome per coil, dual coil wrapped at 3 millimeter inside diameter. I figured this to be fair as my mechanical tube mod is only a single 18650 battery mod and has no issues producing great tasty clouds with this build. I put the Build in my Baal rebuildable atomizer and screwed that into the spring loaded 510 connection on top of the IPVD3. Starting at 40 watts it was already chucking a nice sized cloud but with a slight bit of ramp up time for the coils so I stepped it up bit by bit to find a nice comfort zone around 55 watts even knowing it could easily push it much higher. At 55 watts I found the vapor at my prefered density, warmth and let’s not forget about that flavor!

Next I decided to try something a little larger for builds and make the IPVD3 do some work. Using UD preclaptoned Wire(26g/32g) I made a set of 5 wrap coils at 2.5 millimeters and put them into my Freakshow rebuildable atomizer and repeated the same steps as before but found now it was taking a bit longer for the coils to start producing any vapor but again this being the larger build it is to be expected. To keep a long story short I’ll just state I ended up at the full 80 watts and can honestly say that I could work with that. At 80 watts with a larger build the IPVD3 did seem to struggle at getting the coils immediately hot enough to start producing vapor but at the same time after just a few moments of ramp up time the vapor production kicked right in and happy vapes were had.


  • Sleek and smooth compact design
  • Snug fit magnetically held battery door
  • Efficient use of battery life
  • Works well with both a tank and rebuildable atomizer
  • Up to Date YiHi chip
  • All the safety features and protective functions a vape should have
  • 5 Volt DC in charge via USB
  • Bright and clear display
  • Easy to use menu
  • Scratch resistant paint


  • Not enough power for big builds, but enough to get you by
  • No future USB Updates due to lack of micro USB port

Over all I really do enjoy the IPVD3 not just because it’s small comfortable and compact size, I like it because it is powerful enough to suit my average vaping needs. Most of the time I prefer to use a rebuildable atomizer instead of a tank but I do like using tanks if I know I’m going to be too busy to stop and redrip my atomizer. In this case with the IPVD3 it suits both of those needs and I find myself bringing an RDA with a bottle of juice on the side for them just in case scenarios. With the way the IPVD3 seems to stretch out the battery life of one good 18650 battery it is really going to be nice enjoying the extra battery life. So if you are looking for a great single battery vape device that will not break the bank the IPVD3 from Pioneer4you is for you! Be sure to head to Wake and Vape to get yours today and enjoy the compact greatness that the IPVD3 has to offer.