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  • Wake And Vape’s IPV3Li Review


    Wakeandvape note: We are currently offering the IPV3 LI for only $79 click here to buy now The IPV3Li is one of the best dual battery boxes on the market right now, but is also the most underrated and least appreciated. Compared to other recent Pioneer4you releases, this mega mod, the most impressive device in […]

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  • Regarding Nickel Concerns and Vaping


    Ever since Temperature Control came to the market, not a week seems to go by without someone stating that vaping with Nickel wire is dangerous, or at the very least unsafe due to a number of reasons. Every time, the person saying this is often well spoken and seems to be some what knowledgeable on […]

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  • ​Sigelei 75w Temp Control Review


    Sigelei has stepped up their game by releasing the smallest temp control device to hit the market, which uses a single removable 18650 battery. Unlike other manufacturers that are cranking out products of dubious quality in order to become the next hot thing, Sigelei and Pioneer4you have produced time and time again devices that are […]

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  • ​18650 Vape FAQs


    Why 18650 cells and not some other size? 18650 cells are the same cell used in the Tesla electric car, in its giant battery pack. It uses 1000’s of these tiny cells soldered together. Why? They are cheap and made in mass production. 18650 is one of the most affordable solutions to go lithium because […]