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  • Studies on E-Cigarettes & Vaping


    Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, both with smokers who are wishing to quit and smokers who dislike analog cigarettes but wish to continue exhaling something that closely resembles smoke. While some are quick to jump headlong into new products and devices, there are others who wait for research on the the safety […]

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  • ​The History of Vaping


    Everything great in life has it’s history and as huge as vaping is rapidly becoming it too has a pretty informative one as well. It’s very important to understand the history of vital movements like vaping after all it is saving countless lives everyday and giving people the means, a way to quit smoking for […]

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  • Buying Guide: 18650 Box Mod Vapes


    Currently in the e-cig industry, none of the higher wattage box mods have built-in non-interchangeable batteries. The vast majority of these high power box mods use easily replaceable 18650s, the same cell that the Tesla electric car company uses. We have compiled a list of questions for people to ask themselves to decide if a […]