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  • ​IPV D3 Review


    Presenting to you the fairly new to the Pioneer4you line up of excellent vaporizing products is the IPV D3. Small and sleek, tidy and compact the IPVD3 is a fantastic little vaporizing unit that packs just enough power to meet your on the go needs. Not everyone likes to carry the large and somewhat bulky […]

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  • ​Coilmaster 521 Tab Review


    The Coilmaster 521 Tab has got to be one of the most useful pieces of vaporizing hardware for any coil builder in the vaporizing game. When I first started using the Coilmaster 521 Tab, I was still pretty new into building my own coils. But right away I started making my own coils and using […]

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  • ​Reuleaux RX200 Review


    Ever since I first seen the new mods coming out with the fancy DNA200 chip I really wanted one, to me it seemed like the one master mod that could deliver all the needs of an experienced vaper and at the same time serve it’s purpose for an average vaper right from the first days […]