Alien AL85 Baby Beast TC Starter Kit Review

Hello fellow vapers,

So I’ve been using the Alien AL85 for about three months now. It’s a great mod so far. I wanted to try it out because of it’s size. I needed something that could put out some watts and be easily carried around when going out. The performance out of this tiny mod has been wonderful.

I wasn’t familiar with SMOK’s products, which didn’t really mean anything because most the mods run the same. It came with basically everything you need to start up. Well kind of, the battery and juice are also important to vape lol. Anyways, the mod felt great in my hands, even though I don’t have that big of a hand. When I first look at the device, I was like “Hey, where’s the firing button?”. Which is the whole left side of the device. With a simple squeeze it fired. Super easy. Adjusting the watts and modes are like any typical mod. 5 clicks to power, 3 clicks to access menu and the two buttons to go up and down.

The mod has been sturdy but I did drop this thing a couple of times. So, it eventually broke. Well the firing button popped off and was a pain to get it back on the device without scratching it. It still functions and works great. But now that the side popped off if I do drop it, which I have, the side pops easily off. Which I looked into getting a sleeve to avoid that issue but could not find one. Also the battery compartment is weird. If you get a little juice on your hands and try to twist the top off then just forget about it.

I must say if I wasn’t as clumsy as I am, this device would be great. Its very sturdy and has a little weight to it. The tank that it come with is excellent. I love the easy top fill design. Simply slide it to the side and fill it up. The coils on the other had seem to be going out pretty quickly. Not sure if it’s because I vape constantly. Or it’s just the type of coil I use. The Baby Beast comes with several options on coil type. I’ve been using the Q4 which seem perfect for my wattage usage (30-40 watts). The battery life is alright. Im using a LG H2 3000 Mah 20A 18650. It wont fire when the battery gets to about 25%. But I can plug it in to easily charge it through the usb. Since i’m at a computer all day, it makes it very convenient.

Overall I give this mod a 3/5. It does what it needs to do and the price point is perfect for a setup like this. I do recommend this device for bars and outgoing events. It fits right in my pocket and doesn’t bulge out like the other huge devices. No leaks, no worries. I do wish they came with a sleeve so I wouldn’t have to worry about dropping the darn thing. Otherwise if you are great and not clumsy like me then it’s perfect. The display is easy to read and not super complicated. Tells you the essentials that you need to keep up with the device. I hope this helps some of you out when picking up this device.

Vape on……..