IPV5 200W TC Mod Review

The long awaited IPV5 is finally here and in my opinion it’s so far turning out to be one of my newest favorite over quite a few other vape devices that I tend to use on a regular basis. Over the past 6 months we have seen a few variations of Pioneer4you’s next dual 18650 battery device including one that looked like it was styled after a 1950’s kitchen table. But what we now have without a shred of a doubt is the sleek and stylish official IPV5.

This stylish unit has quite a few of the features that made Pioneer4you one of my most trusted vaporizer providers. Features like the memory function, the OLED layout and information provided on it, build quality, button placement, upgradeability, and ample power ranges in both temperature control and power mode.

The design on the box for the IPV5 is pretty eye catching sporting the outline picture of the device and IPV5 in big bright letters underneath and who can miss the YiHi SX Pure Technology up top but more importantly it’s what is inside the box that counts. Inside is a nice and dark Tardis Blue IPV5 just beaming back at me with such a nice paint job I was almost afraid to pick it up and get fingerprints all over it. Underneath the IPV5 device itself is the USB upgrade cable and an information booklet that explains how to navigate the menu system; I’ll leave that part of the fun for you when you get one.

The IPV5 does have a micro USB port but this one is not for charging. The IPV5 is fully upgradable and if the model you purchased isn’t already upgraded, you can do so by visiting www.pioneer4you.com and just install the upgrade software on your computer. The booklet/manual even says directly in it “please take batteries out to charge them” so I must be on to something by sticking with my purpose built charger to charge my 18650 batteries rather than do so by using the USB charge method. My 18650 batteries have outlasted other people’s 18650 batteries who did USB charging routinely and that alone should suggest the best method of charging.

For the longest time one of my favorite vape devices has been the IPV3Li, I fell in love with the thing since the day it arrived in the vape mail. I took it to Quebec with me, I take it camping with me, and when I go out for any length of time away from home it has always been my vape of choice. I even went as far as covering it with stickers of my favorite eLiquid companies when I took it to Canada’s Vape Expo in Montreal to show my support on the vape device everyone sees me carrying. So with the IPV3Li being such a favored vape device for me, you can understand why I badly anticipated the arrival and the release of the newest vape device in the IPV series. I hoped that it would compare to the greatness the IPV3Li had so far shown me. Then when Ashley started to share pictures of the new IPV5 and that they had it in stock I hit the roof with excitement. I started looking into it and right away knew this was going to be a vaporizer I would enjoy, but i was unsure if I would enjoy it as much as the IPV3Li . A short time after that, my IPV5 arrived and my investigation did begin, my investigation into whether I would have a new favorite vape device.

The new features the IPV5 boasts are a SX Pure Temperature Control that supports the new IPV Pure X1 atomizer, SX Pure wattage mode for with the IPV Pure X1 atomizer, Stainless has been added for coil options in Temperature Control mode, and a new kind of Temperature Control that is suitable for all kinds of wire set by the TCR (Temperature Coefficient Resistance). These features/modes are new to the IPV line up and should be very interesting to see what all can be done with them.

The actual physical appearance of the IPV5 may have changed quite a bit since the IPV3Li but it tends to share more, a lot more of the same style quirks of the IPVD3 but with a few tweeks of it’s own to make it it’s own style. Along the front face where we find the super bright OLED screen we find the same styling lines around the buttons and screen as we seen on the IPVD3 except on the IPV5 it’s spaced out a bit more and larger as this is a larger vape device. We also find the USB directly below the OLED screen which is a lot more convenient than on the bottom, you can actually sit the IPV5 down properly when it is plugged in.

The sides of the IPV5 are not just large flat sides like most mid to large sized vape devices, there are recessed sections that I’m not sure if they were intended for grip or just to add to a much cooler look. Both sides are virtually identical just mirrored and the side that isn’t the battery door side has Pioneer4you logo stamped up near the top to remind you that it is a top quality vaporizer, nothing less than the best.

When I look at the backside or the opposite of the screen side of the IPV5 I immediately think if the D3 with it’s battery door and the Pioneer4you logo with the arrow pointing down, I’ve even went to pull at the backside of the IPV5 expecting a battery door to pop off. I’m guessing it’s just the shape and the feel after being used to using the IPVD3 so much, needless to say I did not get very far trying to open it that way and it didn’t take me long to feel silly and realize this is the IPV5. It even says IPV5 in big clear letters stamped into the metal, but it is not a battery door.

The battery door is the complete side of the IPV5 that does not have the Pioneer for you logo and the way the door snaps or pops into place has been well designed, it fits very snug with no slippage from the three neodymium magnets that keep it in place. Simply slide the door down a quarter of an inch and lift and it is that easy to remove to gain access to the battery compartment. The sides of the door hug right close to the battery tray/compartment and everything lines up so smooth, this saves some room and looks superior to previous designs.

As for the IPV5‘s battery compartment it is a big change from the IPV3Li and a bit closer to that of the IPV4s, I have to say it’s a change that is an improvement. No more are there rough abrupt edges that like to knick the skins on you 18650 batteries if you don’t take your time putting them into place, everything has nice smooth or somewhat rounded edges. The lower end where the bottoms of the 18650 batteries rest are little ridges that stick up and I assume these are to help guide the bottom of the batteries into place. Clearly marked polarity symbols can also be seen to assure no mistake and installing your batteries reverse polarity, mistakes happen but if they do no worries as reverse polarity protection is just one of the many safety features included on the IPV5.

The overall size of the IPV5 is slightly larger than it looks in pictures but not any larger than previous dual 18650 battery vape devices we’ve seen from Pioneer4you. The IPV5‘s size is smaller than the IPV3Li and definitely more form fit with it’s curved sides a flush flat top, seamlessly housing the spring loaded 510 connection.

Armed with the most up to date GUI upgradeable YiHi SX330-200 chipset, the IPV5 has all the power and options and vape enthusiast could want, 200 watts of pure power and every temperature control mode available on the market today. I myself don’t venture too far into the world of temperature control but now with all of the options available believe me I plan on taking the giant leap and making use of all the new modes available.


  • Output Power: 10W to 200W
  • Output Joule: 10 Joules to 100 Joules / 120 Joules for Titanium
  • Standard Resistance: 0.15 ohm to 3.0 ohm
  • Joule Mode Resistance: 0.05 ohm to 1.5 ohm
  • Output Voltage: 1.0V to 7.0V
  • Output Current: 1.0A to 45.0A
  • Temperature Range: 212° to 572° Fahrenheit
  • Utilizes Yihi SX330-200 Chip
  • Accepts 2×18650 Battery
  • Maximum 200 Watt Output
  • Temp Control with SS/Ni200/Ti Wire
  • Firmware Upgradable
  • Magnetic Battery Door Panel
  • Manual TCR mode

With all this power we should always respect the safety aspects and be grateful for the safety features included on our regulated vape devices especially when venturing into new areas and learning new things. Low voltage protection, low resistance protection, High input voltage warning, output short circuit protection (atomizer short), Reverse battery protection and temperature overheat protection are the main safety features included with the IPV5 and should be the very least when it comes to safety and regulated vape devices.

The new modes on the IPV5 are the manual TCR and SX Pure modes. For what I understand it at this point and it may take me some more time to fully comprehend just what all can be done with this mode I do not want to mislead anyone or really try to go into detail about but I will tell you what I make of it so far. Manual TCR means actually being able to set the Temperature Coefficient Resistance yourself so you may be able to run coils of a different material other that Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel in Temperature control mode. So for what I gather if you set the resistance for A1 Kanthal should you know the value to input you will be able to now run Kanthal properly in Temperature Control mode and that alone is a pretty sweet deal.

SX Pure Technology is something brand new to me, I have honestly never heard of it before the arrival of my IPV5 so I took some time to look into it and I’ll do my best to layout what SX Pure technology is all about. YiHi SX Pure is looking to change atomizer technology or at least steer it in a different direction. The SX Pure technology utilizes a new way to vaporize your eJuice, it uses a special alloy material instead of traditional wire intended for vaping. The heating section is fixed on the heating core and using the wonderful YiHi chipset control system to match the dedicated heating core temperature control can be achieved, while still achieving the common voltage adjustment application. SX Pure’s heating core is based on the combination of temperature control and voltage adjustment.

The life of this new SX Pure heating core is supposed to be extensively longer than tradition wire coils and using the SX Pure mode on the IPV5 has a renewable reuse feature that self cleans the residue buildup off of the heating core, that’s pretty handy but I do kind of already do this to my coils whenever I rewick my cotton. SX Pure product application is based on the combination of the IPV5‘s new electronic control technology and metal heating wire design technology and by the sounds of things should really help increase the accuracy between vape device and coil technology which should overall provide an even better vape, time shall tell.

So now after a week or so of continual use of the IPV5 in various modes I started to really take a liking to it. I mean, what’s not to like about this mod? In power mode I found myself keeping the wattage in and around 100 watts and of course with the memory features you can set your favorite wattage settings, myself I prefer to have one of the memory settings at half (in this case 50 watts) of my highest so that I can dry my cotton out really well when switching between flavors. Do keep in mind the average resistance of most of the coils I build end up around 0.10 ohm, at 100 watts 0.10 ohm is usually around 3.0 volts but still kicks out a ton of flavor and vapor and that is exactly what I love from a vaporizer.

In Temperature mode I found the IPV5 to behave identically to the IPV3Li, the temperature control seems to be working on overtime to keep my coils at the precise temperature I set it to PLUS it would actually throw the “dry coil no liquid” warning when my cotton would approach critical dryness. I have not had too many vape devices actually throw that warning at the appropriate time but was amused to see it work proper for once. I at this point have only been able to use the Temperature control mode with Nickel wire as Stainless Steel and Titanium are a little harder to come by at a decent price in my area unless I buy an abundance online and sometimes that Is what you have to do if you really want to try something less common.

As Far as Manual TCR mode is concerned for me right now it is something that takes a bit of figuring to actually know what you must do to use it properly. I pulled up a page called “Steam Engine” which is chock full of useful vaporizing apps to help you make sure yourself of a knowledged and quality vape experience. Through the tools on this site I was able to determine the TCR for my coils only to discover my TCR was way to low to be set on the IPV5‘s menu. All I can do for now is continue to try different coils and different coil materials until I find a set up within the IPV5‘s TCR range and then I can start to discover the benefits it really has to offer as I feel this could be a very useful function.

So in the end I think it’s fair to say that I really have been enjoying the IPV5 and a lot of it’s new functions have got me more than curious to see what all will come of their addition to vaporizers in the near future and perhaps more interesting to see what all the ingenuitive vapers out there will accomplish using these new modes. For me I love the fact that it operates the same if not better than my favorite vaporizer and feels way more comfortable with the new rounded edge design and flashy paint job. I have not had a vaporizer I did not enjoy from Pioneed4You and again never had any serious issues from any of their products so this is another big thing the IPV5 has going for it, it’s produced by one of the best vaporizer manufacturers you can count on.

I would really recommend this the IPV5 if you have been thinking about buying a new top of the line state of the art dual 18650 battery vape device, it has all the options you could want, new modes and looks freaking amazing! At the amazing low price of $50.00 right here on Wake and Vape! It really is a great deal for everything this fantastic little vape device has to offer and I guarantee you shall not be disappointed!