Joyetech eVic Vt 60w Wake and Vape Review

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Joyetech is one of the original players in the vape business, and have been making innovative quality products for years. Previously, they have missed the point that more and more Americans wanted a higher wattage device, and now have finally released one they feel is powerful enough (60 watts) for most tank users. The new eVic-VT has the potential to change everything, being the first all-in-one temperature control device ready to work out of the box. For the first time, you can break out your new vape and experience temp control first hand in the best temp control interface we have seen yet. Unlike almost every other high power vape, this unit has a tank that is designed for it… they function perfectly together and look awesome. The eVic-VT with the Ego One Mega is peanut butter and jelly, they work that well together and look and feel awesome.

Bargain and an Easy Buy

We here at are selling the eVic-VT as a kit with a temp control tank and extra coil, a built in 5000mah battery, and a usb charge plug (any usb charge plug will charge it) for $67 Buy Now. So for someone new to vaping all you would need is this….no need to wonder what tank to buy, what batteries are compatible, and then the hassle and expense of an external charger. For someone new to vaping who wants to get started with something high-end you can’t go wrong with this deal.


And unlike many all-in-one kits, you can change the tank on this unit with the top of your choice since it uses a standard 510 thread. That means you can use whatever drip top or tank you have or want to buy in the future… whether it be temp control or not. This baby is future proof!

Look and Feel

And you get all this in a tight, solid feeling unit that looks as good as anything with its extremely shiny racing striped body . Despite the small size of this device, it puts out the same power and longevity of 2 18650 batteries in a unit that is considerably smaller than a dual 18650 set up.

Words can’t describe how solid this thing feels in the hand. We know it looks shiny and has that race car glossy finish… but what we didn’t expect was how supercharged this thing feels in your hand. This thing is compact but heavy, solid but sleek, and that feels surprisingly awesome.

The looks are spot on… the black model has an awesomely sinister vibe to it. And the paint quality? Oh man, the paint job on the eVics, regardless of color, is the best I have seen on a box hands down. This thing shines, like… 7 coats of lacquer were lovingly sprayed on it and buffed by Mr. Miyagi. The paint job, mixed with the chrome and the racing stripe, really brings forth the image of an old muscle car without the boxy feel. This thing is well rounded and smooth like a Ferrari.

The Controls

The feel of the firing button feels responsive and screams quality, and the chromed dial is a refreshing change from the generic up and down buttons of other box mods. Looks wise, this thing is a grand slam, hits it right outta the park. The fact that this device with a battery manages to be so small and pocketable is also a great testament to the thought that went into the design. It looks like Joyetech stepped up their game, and have finally brought real competition to Sigelei and Pionner4you. Ironically, the only thing this device lacks in such a muscle car appearing box is that it only goes up to 60W, which in this day and age of monster vapes can seem a bit weak.

60 watts is it enough?

In my opinion, 60 watts is more than enough for most people, especially those who tank vape. I mean, I get that many people feel they need 150 or 200 watts, and I get it. I mean, for a few extra bucks, why the hell not? I don’t need much wattage over 50W and Joyetech is marketing to people who feel the same. I can’t wait to see how the eVic-VT does a few months down the road, especially against other big name and popular devices, though I am concerned that the 60W limit will hold this thing back.

So why not more than 60 watts? I think the answer is simple. Joyetch wanted to allow usb charging and to accomplish this the battery had to remain low amperage. If you want USB charging, well then you can forget about devices that are powerful enough to pull out 100w plus, these require a battery with more voltage than a usb charger can handle.

The Interface

To start with the eVic has an OLED high resolution screen that is easily readble in daylight and gives you a lot of useful informatin.

Joy-e-Tech has obviously made there own temp control chip and its impressive. I have never seen this advanced of an interface ever. For example change from nickel to titanium coil and it asks you if you just put in a new coil yes or no…and then it will automatically change itself to titanium mode.

You have many different modes you can vape in and this is wonderful but makes the device a little difficult to get use to. The interface is a little unintuitive to use…but once you get the idea and have it in the mode that you want (temp control, wattage, etc) the control dial works well for adjusting temp or wattage. You are going to need the instruction manual or google help to get this baby working the way you want, and this is the first vape that I have used that requires that. That being said….once you have yourself in your desired mode its off to the races with this baby. You will love it is a little complicated once you get to know it. Adusting the wattage or temp is very easy and quick.

Battery Life and Battery Life Expectancy

The battery seems to lasts forever. I’ve been vaping all day at 30 watts and I still got over half my charge. Now I get that this is a brand new device. The nature of lithium batteries (especially chinese made batteries) means that they degrade over time. I vape every day, so I would expect to see reduction in the amount of battery this thing puts out after a couple of months. Only time will tell what quality of batteries Joyetech chose for this fine machine. Maybe they only last a few months, maybe they will last a year which would be home run. I’m really hoping that the 5000mah built-in battery is a good one and if so, then Joyetech will have further established itself as a maker of fine and reputable goods. As for now, the battery in this thing is a bit of a wild card.

This device does come with a 90 day manufacture warranty which is reassuring.

Beware of Clones

The Joyetech Evic comes with an authenticity scratch sticker and we suggest that purchase from a reputable seller, such as ourselves(Wake and Vape).

Already we are starting to see China Clones of this device and I would suggest to stay way away from them. Why? Clones are designed for quick sales without much care taken to protect the consumer. I’ve seen too many horror stories of clones shorting out, having connection issues, causing batteries to vent, ect. to recommend any clone that was not made by a company without serious cred. For the reasons stated above, battery quality is important in a device like this and takes up most of its cost. On all built in battery devices, it is my opinion to steer way clear of clones as a general rule..


I’ll admit… I’m not really into vaping with temperature control so i am not a fair judge. But the eVic-VT really has made it easy to make a believer out of me. I don’t think I’ll vape VV/VW again. It’s ready right out of the box: All you have to do is screw in the tank, click it on, and it’s set up to do temp control with the coil head in it. Even the settings of mine were pre-configured for temp control mode. This is is as quick and painless of a temp control experience I ever had. The only gripe I would have with this box is what if you aren’t into temp control it would seem like a waste. This thing is designed from the ground up for temp control. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t use the eVic-VT with a kanthal build and use it as a VV/VW mod, but you do seem to go through juice and battery life faster.

Its kind of a pain in the ass to get set up. You have to figure out if you have the TI or the NI coil in, which if you remember which color is which it’s pretty easy and the device auto detects which coil you’re running (sweet). You do have to fidget with the thing a bit to make sure you are in temp control mode, but once you do it once or twice, it’s extremely quick and easy. And once you are in temp control mode the eVic works flawlessly, just as you expect it to. No more worrying about that burnt taste when you hit to hard. I set mine for 300 degrees and then forget about it… and found myself keeping the same setting all day. No more fidgeting trying to get my wattage just right based on the condition of my battery, etc. If I want to vape at the edge, vape as hot as I can go without burning cotton, all I have to do is keep upping the temp until I get to the point of burnage to figure out the temp limit for that particular juice.

Take a look you can buy the Joyetech eVic Vt 60w at my store Wake and Vape for $67, shipping from Southern California same week day the order is placed before 3pm Pacific. Hope to see you there. See it by clicking here


  • A bargain for an all in one kit
  • Built in 5000mah battery as big as 2 18650s
  • USB chargeable
  • Integrated Temp Control out of the box
  • Bargain price for this package
  • Super sleek design, looks and feels great
  • Compact unit for its battery size


  • Built in battery mean when battery go bad this poor baby go in trash
  • unknown battery life expectancy
  • Interface can be tricky to use and requires instruction manual
  • No battery swaps on this one if you vape heavily
  • Requires an instruction manual to figure out

Product Description

  • All in one package… everything you need to start temp control vaping now.
  • Includes Ego One Mega temp control tank, 4ml capacity
  • 5000mah battery built in
  • Silicon protective sleeve
  • USB Chargeable in a big vape!!
  • Integrated temp control unit
  • Output wattage: 1-60W
  • Very Intuitive Interface
  • Output mode: Nickel and Titanium Variable Temp Control
  • HD OLED screen
  • Size: 47 *25.5 *85.6mm
  • Battery capacity: 5000mAh
  • Resistance range: 0.05 – 1.0ohm for Variable Temp mode
  • 0.15 – 3.5ohm for VW mode
  • Temperature range: 100 – 315℃ / 200 – 600℉

See Random Andrew’s eVic VT Review here.