Laisimo L1 200W TC Mod Review

If you are familiar with the SnowWolf 200W TC Mod, the Laisimo L1 is roughly the same size, same shape, same weight as the SnowWolf 200W. The Laisimo L1 is like the big brother to the SnowWolf 200W, which as Laisimo manufactured both mods it makes sense. The Laisimo L1 has a big, beautiful color screen and is the best looking color screen that I have seen on any mod that boasts a color screen. The Laisimo L1 has an extensive setting menu, where you can even go in to change the font color and the background image. No matter what type of Temp Control coils you prefer, from Stainless Steel, Ni200, or Titanium, the L1 has you covered. And battery life? Oh man, the battery life is phenomenal. Okay, lets get into the review.


The box is pretty much rather normal when it comes to recent vape mods. You have a photo of the Laisimo L1 with the screen lit up on the front, with the name in green foil letters and the wattage capability, 200W. In the same letter style it has a Bluetooth symbol as well as indications that the mod works with Kanthal, Ni200, Ti, and SS. Now, it does have Bluetooth, but as of right now, from what I can tell, there is only an Android app for this mod. I am waiting to see if they will release an iPhone app, as well as a Windows phone app. On the back of the box you have some of the specs for the Laisimo L1, such as the size, the output and input voltages, output power range, temp control modes it supports, and the temperature range that it can handle. Pretty standard stuff on the back of the box. The side of the box lists the color options: Black, White, Red, Silver, Blue, and Gold.

Inside the box we have the warranty card, the instruction manual, and the mod. I was pleasantly surprised by the manual that they included with the Laisimo L1 as it is extremely easy to follow due to it being in full color and full of pictures. It is rather descriptive, pretty much explains everything that you need to know in order to use the Laisimo L1.

The Laisimo L1

First thing you notice, right off the bat, is that Laisimo placed their logo right across the of the L1 underneath the screen. Not a huge fan of that, but I do get why they want to clearly who off who made this mod. With how awesome this mod is, I would want my name all over it if I manufactured it. I do wish that they had chosen to place it on the side, but, it is what it is. The top of the Laisimo L1 is where screw in your tank or RDA, offset to the side like most mods are set up. I have noticed that you may get some scuff marks when taking on and off your various tanks and RDAs, so I would have liked to have seen a spacer or tougher raised are or something to better combat that issue. Not a huge issue as I’ve not had any chipping or anything like that. There are some rather nice stainless steel threads and a spring loaded 510 connector that seems to be copper plated. On the side you have a firing button along with an up and a down button. Nice and sturdy buttons, excellent tactile feel to them. The bottom of the Laisimo L1 has numerous vent holes for battery safety, which I wholeheartedly approve of. You also have a micro USB slot that is NOT for charging, but only for use in updating the firmware and for uploading your wallpaper to change the screen background. You will need to have an external battery charger to charge your batteries if you are using this mod, which I would recommend even if you could charge through the Laisimo L1.

The back plate opens up at the bottom with an easy to reach latch and is secured as well with two magnets. The battery connectors are spring loaded, making it easy to put your batteries in and take them out. Personally, spring loaded battery connectors should be standard in every mod as they protect the battery casings and extend the life of the mod. Nothing is worse when a battery connector is damaged due to having to wrestle a battery into the compartment and you do not have to worry about this happening with the Laisimo L1. It is also nice that the positive and negative posts are clearly marked in white.

When you place your batteries into the mod, the screen will light up with the Laisimo logo, but it is not actually turned on at this time. To turn on the Laisimo L1, it is 5 clicks with the firing button and this is how you turn it off as well. When you first do this, if you do not have a tank or RDA on the mod, it will give you a “Check Atomizer” error, which is just telling you what you already know: No tank or RDA.

To get into the menu, just click the firing button 3 times and you will see that you don’t actually leave the screen. What the Laisimo L1 does is highlight the different sections of the screen to let you know that you can change those settings. For example, you click the firing button 3 times to enter the menu, or the ability to change the settings since you don’t actually leave the screen and enter a menu like you do on just about every other mod out there. So you click 3 times and the wattages are highlighted to show that you can increase or decrease the wattage as you are in Power Mode (and you can increase or decrease the wattages or temp in whatever mode you are in without entering the menu) by clicking on the firing button once to enter your selection or if you click the down button once, you will then be highlighting the mode and can change it from whichever mode you want to vape in. I will admit that it would be nice if the screen was touch screen, but it is not. Maybe with the next iteration from Laisimo.

To actually get out of the screen and enter the menu, you just have to press the down button to highlight the settings cog icon and press the firing button to enter it. From here you have all kinds of different settings that you can play around with. You can change the Font colors from White to Green, Orange, Black, or Blue. You are able to set how long you want the Bluetooth to go to sleep if you are using it with the Android app. And you can change and set the different wattages that you want to use while in each of the different Temp Control modes. What I didn’t realize at first, only after consulting the manual, is that if you press the down button again once it is highlighting EXIT, there is another screen that you will enter, which is just the continuation of the first one. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a down arrow or another selection under the EXIT for MORE or something to that effect. I say this because, for me, it was not readily apparent that there was more available in the settings.

From this screen you are able to tell it what you want your maximum puff time to be. Standard for Power mode is 10 seconds, but for temp control you may want to have it be increased for additional ramp up time that your coils may or may not need. You can also change the screen brightness and how long it takes before the screen turns off. Now, remember, your screen, which is big and is beautiful to look at, uses your batteries. So the brighter your screen and longer it stays on means that you will have less and less vape time available to you. Keep that in mind and I would suggest to lower the screen brightness down to 50% to save on battery life, but only after you have the mod working to your specifications and have all the settings that you like your vape to be set at.

Press the down button again when you highlight EXIT and you get yet another screen to further personalize your mod. You can change the time and date, decide on if you want to turn on the Bluetooth or not, and set the max amount of puffs per day. This is a setting that I think most vapers will not use, but if you are trying to be rigid about your nicotine intake and are trying hard to quit or to stop chain vaping or whatever, this setting will allow you to set that up so you can use the mod to help you with your vape and nicotine consumption goals that you have set for yourself. A nice little feature that I am sure there will be some that use it, but I don’t think this is here for the majority of us. You can change the wallpaper as well, there are a couple of different ones to choose from. I prefer the default as that is the one with the racing style gauges. Sad to see that the gauges are there in the background and do not actually light up or change while vaping, but it is what it is. I feel a little bit of a let down, but maybe I was hoping for too much.

Clicking to the ? mark on the main screen shows a new screenwith the words “User Manual’ and “” under it. I thought at first that the Laisimo L1 had the actual user manual on the it through this selection, but I was wrong and it is simply telling you that you can go to their website to get the user manual if you may have lost or misplaced the one that came with the Laisimo L1. Once in this screen, if you click the down button, you will get a screen that explains what each of the bottom icons on the main screen mean.

And if you click down again, you get a screen that explains what each of the circles on the main screen actually mean. Nice if you haven’t read the manual, but I recommend that you do with every new mod that you acquire and use as that will help you figure most of the issue that you may have as the new mod may not do things the same as your last mod, even if they were made by the same company.

It does take the Laisimo L1 a little bit of time to reach 200W when holding the up button, but it does go faster once you get it over 100W. Other than that, the Laisimo L1 vapes like a champ and I have not had any issues with this mod regardless of which mode that I was vaping in (though I do prefer to vape on SS).

Last Thoughts

I know that at first, the Laisimo L1 seems rather complex, especially with all the on screen options and how to get from one mode to another… but it really is rather easy once you have it hand and start to play with it for a few minutes. I for one really enjoy the feel of the Laisimo L1. It is a solid device, it has a beautiful screen that does, I will admit, require wiping off periodically as it is a fingerprint magnet, and it vapes like a beast. You do have to take care of the Laisimo L1 200W TC Mod, especially with the glass screen on the front. The Laisimo L1 is clearly not a mod that is meant for hiking around in the woods or going out drinking at the bars on the weekends with your friends. Leave the Laisimo L1 at home and take something with you that is a bit more rugged, like the Sigelei Fuchai 200W. Now that mod, with its rubberized casing, can take a beating and barely show it. Overall, the Laisimo L1 200W TC Mod is a great looking mod and one heck of an eye openers. I have found that when I am out vaping with friends or at a party, everyone comes up to me wondering what I am vaping on and have a ton of questions about it. Even from non-vapers, I get a ton of interest about it which goes to show how well designed the Laisimo L1 actually is. I have seen other mods with larger screen like this before, but they always look pixelated and nowhere near as polished and crisp as the Laisimo L1’s screen is. It feels really well made and fits nicely in my hands.
My recommendation is to get the Laisimo L1 200W TC Mod as it is the beautiful and well made mod out there on the market, with all of the features and setting control that anyone would ever want with a mod. 200 Watts of power, zero pulsing, phenomenal battery life, uses any Temp Control wire… what mod can even come close to what the Laisimo L1 200W TC Mod can do?