Sigelei Moonshot Review, designed by Suprimo

Introducing the Sigelei Moonshot, designed by Suprimo Vape Shop out of San Jose California it is one of the smallest yet more power capable tanks I have ever owned if you want to call this a tank. The Moonshot is for sure a RDTA (rebuildable deck tank atomizer) but in many ways acts and functions closer to the lines of a dripping atomizer. I’ve had a chance to use mine for a bit now and I have really taken a shine to it as I prefer the use of a dripping atomizer myself and this little powerhouse when properly wicked sure packs a punch like a dripping atomizer so I’ve had a hard time putting it down and switching back to my normal apparatus. The Sigelei Moonshot is definitely different and so far I’m really enjoying it.

The container the Sigelei Moonshot comes in is pretty unique, usually there is some kind of a box or plastic container with a decorative design of cover sleeve but not with the Moonshot. Sigelei and Suprimo have package the Moonshot in a creatively painted metal tin that itself is a little bit smaller than your standard box mod, not only does it look and feel great but it doubles as a nice little carry case for parts and coils or the tank itself. Another plus of this cool little metal tin is the fact that metal is a lot harder to squash or damage, numerous times I have had things show up in the mail that the boxes are squashed in on one corner or looks like someone played kickball with so definitely a huge plus with. Inside everything is held in spot by ultra dense foam so all is nice and protected. I should add the package include a set of hex keys, spare seals and a spare set of hex screws, it’s always nice to have spares. Speaking of spares the Moonshot also comes with a spare glass piece should you ever have a dreaded breakage, you at least get a spare in the tin.

Working with the Sigelei Moonshot has been a breeze with it’s top fill capacity design leave refills simple and mess free. Stainless steel is the main build material used in the Moonshot‘s design from the base to the build deck right up top to the top cap where you find the plastic wire bore drip tip, the only plastic to be found on the Moonshot. The main sides of the Moonshot are glass which are the tank walls, sealed top and bottom with tight silicone seals to prevent leakage and so long as you have the glass and the body of the Moonshot aligned and properly tightened there should never be any leakages from these points.

The inner flow stem that comes up to the drip tip is actually wide enough that when you have the top cap of for filling you can see right down inside the Moonshot‘s build deck well enough to check the saturation of your cotton and the condition of your coils. The airstem lowest portion is threaded and fitted with a seal as well to prevent leakage from the eJuice chamber through the wrong area’s as if it did this would cause unwanted flooding.

The build deck inside the Sigelei Moonshot is a little bit different from previous tanks I’ve owned like the Kangertech Subtank and the Smok TFV4 that use a stock coil but as well come with a rebuildable deck. With the Moonshot you build your own coils of no coils at all, in other words there is no such thing as a stock coil for the Sigelei Moonshot. This is a Tank that will require a bit of coil building skill as well as knowing your proper wicking techniques which takes practice like anything else, my first two builds and wicking jobs inside the Moonshot both leaked so much that it made a mess of my vape device which I cleaned up immediately.

Before I can really try and describe what it is like to try and build a good setup inside the Sigelei Moonshot‘s build deck I kind of need to describe the setup and 3 main pieces that comprise the total build area as there is quite a bit of room but making proper use is key, remember I’m far from a professional but still like to share what I’ve learned. The main 3 area’s for the build deck are the build deck itself, a stainless steel ring that screws into the base but around and over the build deck and this has 4 ejuice wicking holes in it. To cover it off comes the lower part of the airflow stem sealing of the coil chamber/build deck, so be careful when putting your coils in not to mount them too high or you could result in an atomizer short.

Air flow is no problem with the Sigelei Moonshot as it has two massive adjustable slots on the base that lead up inside the build deck. The airflow inlets inside the build deck have a bit of a risen lip to them so that there is less chance of built up juice leaking should any happen to build up before you have a chance to vaporize it away. Regardless there is no shortage of air flow on the Moonshot, plenty enough air flow to keep up with higher wattage settings.

So when it comes to the actual mounting of the coils the Sigelei Moonshot‘s build deck is pretty intricate but still only a 2 post design, you want to leave a bit of leg length to make sure you can clear the air inlets underneath where your coil will be positioned otherwise too close and you could end up leaking down into them inlets or even shorting out against the metal. I went with a set of Clapton coils, five wraps of UD wire at a 2.5 millimeter inside diameter. Any bigger and I feel the coils would have been sitting against the bottom of the airflow stem, any smaller and I might not have been able to wick enough cotton through the coils to prevent that awkward backflow seepage that slowly fills your air flow in the base of your tank.

With the wicking it’s pretty much like any other rebuildable deck except the wicking flow holes are a bit larger and sit pretty low, not to mention by the time you have kind of folded and tucked the ends of the cotton down into the areas behind the flow holes it becomes a rather tight fit. The tweezers that come in the coilmaster coil builders kit came in very handy for achieving this and I really recommend the kit to anyone having issues building and wicking, proper tools make tough so much easier.

I presoaked my cotton with a small bit of eJuice once I had everything tightly wicked and assembled the Moonshot the rest of the way then proceeded to fill the 2 millimeter juice well. Keeping in mind to let the assembled Moonshot sit for a few minutes just to be sure of no dry cotton I did just that, I let it sit and after them few minutes started into really putting it to the test.

Not really sure what the Sigelei Moonshot would call for in terms of wattage I set it according to what I thought would be appropriate for the coils I installed which was 50 watts with a resistance of 0.36 ohm. At 50 watts the Moonshot took off like a rocket, well not literally took off but it came to like a rocket heading for the moon! The vapor density was about average for what you should expect from any kind of tank and the flavor was off the chart for only at 50 watts was kind of impressive but still only the beginning. It was time to shoot for the moon so I turned my vape device, the Laisimo L1 up to 60 watts and was surprised that a mere 10 watt rise in power would yield such an increase in production. I kept progressively increasing the wattage and eventually decided that 100 watts would be my limit for now with the way I currently had the moonshot set up. An Intense amounts of clouds and new heights of flavor to leave you salivating from the overdose of flavor were definitely discovered over 100 watts and not once did I receive a dry hit but in all honesty there were a few things left to be desired once I began chain vaping the Moonshot.

To start with I know 100 watts is a definite hot area, if you like a warm or even hot vape this is where you will start to find your kind of heat, given enough airflow it is actually quite tolerable but certain side effects start to take hold when you continually vape up this high. For one it heats up your equipment, especially the Sigelei Moonshot as the whole upper portion where you haul from gets uncomfortably hot and you have to give it time to cool, again remember I’m speaking about heavy vaping where little time to cool is given. The other area that heats up from heavy vaping and can happen with almost any atomizer is your batteries, heavy use can cause your batteries to heat up drastically and potentially damage the longevity of your batteries so it is always a good thing to remember to keep an eye on them when taking part in heavy vaping.

Another downfall of vaping heavily on the Sigelei Moonshot is it only has a 2mL eJuice capacity and when I am up around 100 watts I can make 2mL disappear in under 5 minutes and find myself refilling quite frequently. When I find myself having to refill so much it tends to leave me wondering how difficult it would be for Sigelei or Suprimo to redesign with a larger eJuice capacity, perhaps in time we will see the Sigelei Moonshot V2.

Like most tanks I have owned I have experienced some leaking issues with the Sigelei Moonshot but nothing like I have with other tanks. One night after vaping using the Moonshot I did not vape all of the eJuice out of the reservoir, it had between 0.5 mL to 1.0 mL of eJuice still in it and overnight had leaked down inside the air flow chamber and onto my vaporizer. This could simply be attributed to not wicking the build quite proper or thick enough. After cleaning up my wonderful little mess I rewicked with slightly longer end on the cotton and tried again to which so far I haven’t had any major back leaking issues. A good suggestion might be to never leave the Sigelei Moonshot sit for any length of time with eJuice in it or the next time you go to use it you might just find a mess.

The only other leakage issue I’ve found with the Moonshot is a slight build up of possibly a condensation of sorts between the top part of the tank and the upper seal for the glass. I could be completely wrong and this could actually be coming from somewhere else but so far this is my best guess and not really a leak but more of a little extra wipe down here and there.


  • Designed in San Jose, California by Suprimo
  • Built by Sigelei
  • 22mm Diameter
  • 42mm Overall Height
  • 2mL Juice Well
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • 6mm Vertical Two-Post Design
  • 2.5mm Terminal Post Holes
  • Single or Dual Configurations
  • Dual Air Tubes Inside Chamber
  • Ultra-Wide Adjustable Air slots at Base
  • Convenient Top-Fill
  • 6mm Sloped Delrin Wide bore Drip
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter Included
  • Easy Disassemble System for Convenient Cleaning
  • Gold-Plated 510 Contact

One thing to say for sure about the Sigelei Moonshot is that it is most definitely not a tank for beginner or novice vapers but I thinking more along the line of vapers who have a bit of coil building experience and understand what it takes to build inside of a tight build deck. That being said if you are still fairly new to the vaping world and can handle building your own coils in a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) that I honestly do not think you would have any major issues building inside the Moonshot‘s build deck. It’s not even so much a problem of being able to build an nice tight set of coils for the use inside the moonshot but more of being able to place the coils where they are needed and still being able to run the leg length down to the post holes while keeping away from the body of the build deck as not to cause an unwanted short, it’s not that tricky but can become a royal pain in the backside but well worth the effort so no matter how frustrating it might seem the end result can be very rewarding.

So in the time that I have had the Sigelei Moonshot in my possession I’ve only had the chance to really try two different kinds of builds and to be quite honest I feel I have not been let down but the performance and output of this small yet mighty RDTA. This Moonshot, until something better comes along and outperforms it will become part of my regular vaping arsenal even with the few little things I’ve found I didn’t enjoy. The overheating issue is easily preventable should I ever pace myself and the leaking issue is as well avoidable so long as I never let the moonshot sit loaded for prolonged periods. I truly love this RDTA and give it a huge two thumbs up, a platinum star and a ten out of ten when it comes to performance and style.

Right now on Wake and Vape you can get your very own Sigelei Moonshot Designed by Suprimo for a staggeringly low sale price of $34.95, that is one heck of a sale price for the intense performance the Moonshot is capable of. A powerhouse tank, an RDA with it’s own 2mL reservoir up top or just one hell of an RDTA you be the Judge and get yours before they all disappear. I know I love mine and use it everyday and pretty sure if you vape like I do, you’ll really enjoy yours too.