Sigelei T150 Touch Screen Box Mod Review

The Sigelei T150 Touch Screen Box Mod is a 150W, Temperature Controlled, Touch Screen enabled, dual 18650 battery mod. The first of it’s kind, the T150‘s Touch Screen is an impressive marvel and one hell of a conversation piece. But can it stand up to the hype that has been thrown at it? Lets find out, shall we?


  • Variable Wattage: 5W – 150W
  • Temperature Control: 200F – 600F
  • Advanced Touch-Screen UI
  • Resistance Range: 0.2 – 3.0 ohm
  • Requires (2) 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)
  • Output power: 5W – 150W
  • Input: 6.4V – 8.4V
  • Resistance: 0.2 ohm – 3.0 ohm

Unboxing the Sigelei T150

The packaging, as always when it comes to Sigelei devices, is great. The T150’s box front is textured and looks great. You have on the side the QR code and holographic sticker to confirm authenticity. The back of the box has the technical information for the T150 and a reminder that the T150 is for people 18 years of age or older. Nice to see that they have that on there.

Inside you have an accordion folded manual and the mod itself sits in foam padding. Pretty much how all mods from Sigelei are packaged up. Underneath the mod you have your warranty card and that’s pretty much it. Simple, clean, no fuss… just the way I like it.

Sigelei T150

First off, I have to say that I was extremely surprised at how small the T150 was when I first unboxed it. I really expected something on par with the SnowWolf 200W or worse, that it would be uncomfortable to hold while vaping for long periods of time due to it’s size and weight. Which is another thing that was unexpected: the T150 ’s weight. It is exceptionally lightweight. It weighs about the same as the Kbox when there are no batteries in it. The size coupled with the light weight really makes me feel like the T150 could easily be a daily driver. Nice and easy to hold, I’m really taken aback at how nice the T150 feels in my hands.

It is up to you if you want to take off the screen protectors on the front and the side, I’m removing mine so I can get a better feel for the T150 during this review. And as I am turning it around in my hands, I have to say that when the T150 is off it looks rather plain and simple. Which isn’t a bad thing, I prefer my mods to have clean and simple lines like the T150, but if you prefer mods that look cool, you aren’t going to get that with the T150… at least, not while it is turned off or the screen is off. The screen on the front is nice, it’s large, but I don’t know how long it will last as it is glass. The firing button is nice and clicky, good tactile feel and decent resistance. Not too mushy nor is it too stiff, I’m really happy with the button. Happy to see a rectangular button as nearly all the mods I come across have round firing buttons. Not a big deal, but something small to show that this is a different mod. Plus, there is no rattle on the button, or any part of the T150.

There are battery vents on the bottom, which is pretty standard. But glad Sigelei didn’t miss that. The battery compartment’s lid is the back of the mod, which lifts off nicely, with three magnets at the top and two at the bottom so you can’t place the lid on backwards. Plus there is a lip on the bottom to facilitate prying the cover off. The battery sleds are clearly labeled, listing which battery is number 1 and which is number 2, and use copper-plated terminals that are spring-loaded. Spring-loaded is the way to go with mods, can’t really imagine a company not utilizing them nowadays, they make it so much easier to get your batteries in and out of you mod. And, of course, you have the battery ribbon.

The T150 is made out of aluminum alloy, which is why it is rather lightweight compared to the size. The 510 connector is stainless steel with a copper pin that is not spring loaded, so be aware of that when purchasing and getting a tank/RDA/RTA.

I’ve got batteries in the T150 now… turn it on with the normal 5 clicks of the button and you get the Sigelei splash screen for a few seconds and then you are into the main screen. Across the top you have your time, a temperature rating, and your battery indicators, one for each battery. The temperature rating… I am not exactly sure what it is for, as the manual doesn’t give any information for this but I do believe it is for the actual temp of the mod itself, so you can tell with a glance if the T150 is overheating or not. And the battery indicators are labeled “1” and “2”, which correspond to the battery labels in the battery sled so you can be able to tell which battery is having problems or is being used up more quickly, that sort of thing. Really nice and handy as I know when using the Cuboid, I love the battery indicators on it, but I would always get turned around when trying to figure out which indicator applied to which battery, especially when it was off and I had the battery out. Underneath the top row you have your wattage (or your temp if you are in temp mode). Then you have a 0 – 200 bar with a puff counter underneath that, as well as your ohms, your voltage and a timer to show you how long each puff takes.

The bottom row has three icons. The first is how you move from Power Mode to Temperature Control Mode, just tap it to switch. The center icon is your lock, so you tap that two times and it locks your mod so you can’t fire it, tapping two more times unlocks it. Nice little feature and actually rather handy. The last icon is your menu screen. If you open that up, you get a list of options. First up is the Over Time Setting, which is where you can set how long you want each puff to take from 5 to 20 seconds before the T150 cuts off the power. I don’t see many people using this but if you are using a ceramic coil or something that takes a few seconds to ramp up, you can use this to set the puff length longer so the T150 doesn’t stop the power in the middle of your puff.

Then you have Screen Lock, which is where you can have it lock the screen and the firing button after a certain amount of time. Locking the T150 works great, but you do need to be aware that when you turn off the T150 while it is locked and turn it back on, the T150 will turn back on unlocked. Something to be aware of. Underneath that is your Puff Limits, where you can set how many puffs you want to limit yourself to each day, which is extremely handy for those wanting to wean themselves off of vaping and nicotine. You have Language, which you can choose from Chinese or English at this time.

Time Settings is next, which is a bit odd on how you set the time. It should come out of the box set on the year 2016. From there, you hit the firing button to drop it down to the next number, which you then press on the left or the right of the screen to change it to your month. Hit the firing button again to drop it down to the next number so you can change the day, then do the same thing for the hour (which is set up in military time) and then the minutes. For the most part, the T150’s menu and interface is rather self-explanatory, but the Time Settings threw me off at first until i re-read the manual to figure out how to change it from the year and so on. Not hard, just… unexpected on how it would work. Lastly, you have Help, which gives you the information for the mod, what version it is running and so on. Plus you can also do a factory reset, which I am not exactly sure on what reason you might have to use this expect when selling it or giving it to someone else.

Thoughts on the Sigelei T150

The T150 works extremely well. For the functions that you can do, it works exceptionally good at those. The screen and menu system works flawlessly, I’ve not had any problems with hanging pixels or stuttering. When the screen dims and you click the firing button to start vaping again, the screen lights up instantly, zero lag. The screen itself is crisp and clean. I don’t notice any pixelation going on at all, which is nice to see especially after seeing all number of screen that have rather pixelated fonts and numbers. And it is a full color display, no more monochromatic numbers and letters.

When it comes to firing the T150, there is no delay from the pressing the button to getting vapor. Instant gratification. I was worried that the screen, being a touch screen, would cause a bit of lag between pressing the firing button and actually getting the T150 to fire but I was pleasantly wrong.

The biggest issue that I have is that the T150 does not have a mode for anything other than Power Mode and Temp Control – Ni200. This means that while you can vape using Titanium or any of the different Stainless Steel wire types (302/304, 316, 316L. 410, 430), you have to do the math yourself which is, I will admit, a pain to do. And for other mods, I would just say to wait until the company puts a firmware update but for the T150 I cannot do that as the T150 does not have a USB port. This means you cannot upgrade your T150 at all, which is why I am surprised as to why there is an option to reset it back to factory settings. Nor can you charge your batteries through the T150.

Now, I prefer to charge my batteries through an external charger, and I always recommend that to every vaper I come across, but I will admit that in a pinch, being able to charge your batteries a bit through the mod is rather nice. I don’t recommend charging any mod that way all the time, but say your batteries ran low during the work day and you need to be able to vape on the way home and you didn’t bring a charger or extra batteries with you… well, just plug it in for a bit and you are good to go. Not so with the T150, for which I was really disappointed with Sigelei for not having a USB port. Even if the USB port was not for charging, there should have been one for upgrading the firmware of the device as the ability to reset it to the factory settings is pretty clear that they meant to include one at one time. I don’t know, maybe there was an issue with the port so they took it out? Anyway, having only one Temp Control mode that is for Ni200 is difficult to deal with, especially as I only use Stainless Steel when I vape in Temp Control.

Next problem with the T150 is that the screen only dims automatically after you have not used it for a minute or two. I would have really liked to have been given an option through the menu to turn off the screen so that I can save battery life. Sure, the screen doesn’t take up much battery, but with the lack of being able to charge the batteries through the T150, Sigelei really should have given us the option to dictate the screen brightness and dim time. This lack also means that you really can’t stealth vape as when you fire it, the screen turns on and in dark places it is rather bright.

And then there is the 510 pin, which is not spring-loaded. Spring-loaded 510 pins allow instant contact to all RDAs, RTAs, Tanks… you name it. Since the 510 pin is adjustable, you will have to fiddle with it in order to get your tank/RDA/RTA/ect. to sit flush while also making a strong contact. I’m of the opinion that every mod should have 510 pins that are spring-loaded, but that is me. This could be a good thing for you.


I will say that I really enjoy the look of the

T150. I love how it looks with the tank/RDA/RTA sitting in the center instead of off to the side. I love how it feels when I am using it and how light it actually is. It is extremely well built, there are no problems there, and just the look with the clean lines and the two curved edges makes it very pleasing to the eye. And the full color screen is great, as you can easily see your settings and with it being touch screen, you can quickly change them to suit your needs. Overall, the Sigelei T150 is a good solid mod that works extremely well. I can see this taking the place of the Sigelei 150W with the quality build and the fantastic functionality. If you want a great looking mod that has touch-screen capability, the T150 is a perfect mod for you.