Sigelei UFO Review

The folks at Wake and Vape have always been excellent with stocking only the best of vaporizers, mods and alike that boast top of the line quality at a guaranteed low price as well as some of the newest devices on the market. One of these new vape devices is the Sigelei UFO and just like it’s name, the UFO is a design of a different kind. I’m not entirely sure if it’s the unique shape and design features that have earned it this name or just that the Sigelei UFO is so different it just stands out like a UFO. Even the artwork on the box the Sigelei UFO comes in has a different look than the standard labeling that I’m used to seeing on Sigelei boxes. The UFO box comes with a colorful splash of Orange, Red, White and Grey.True to the Sigelei performance, it has sufficient enough power for an on the go vape with all the added features a regulated device should have. For those temperature control fans, it has two temperature control modes. Throughout this review I’ll do my best to features everything this little beauty has to offer.

Inside the box for the Sigelei UFO you find the usual trimmings all tightly packaged up waiting for a gracious vaper to come along and put them to use. First thing that caught my eye is, of course, the Instruction Manual with helpful instructions to make sure you fully understand your new vape device, understanding how the menu works, and all the various warning features. As well you find the colorful Logo that is on the front of the box on the cover of the Instruction manual. Once that is out of the way the Bright Red Sigelei UFO is next, resting gently in it’s place along with the USB cord for charging and an instruction booklet for the security code.

I fell in love with the Sigelei UFO immediately. The Sigelei UFO is not the same as any other small vaporizer and varies greatly from other single 18650 battery mods to the point where it could really stand out like a sore thumb, albeit an attractive sore thumb. The model I have is a nice solid red with chrome accents as beautiful as the chrome lines down the side of a classic car. The main chrome accents you notice right away are done in two bands, one wraps around the bottom and plate over the very bottom of the device. The other chrome band is just above the upper adjustment button and as well wraps around the device giving a nice even touch. Both adjustment buttons and the fire button are done in the same chrome finish.

The Sigelei UFO features all the bells and whistles we are used to finding on the great line of Sigelei products: A decently ranged wattage/power mode, Temperature Control Modes in both Nickel and Titanium to give you the perfect vape you desire. Selecting between modes has changed from previous Temperature Control models like the Sigelei 150TC, now you have to hold both adjustment buttons and then click the fire button and from there it is mostly chose your option using the adjustment buttons and then select them with the fire button. After getting used to the new style of menu system it becomes fairly easy but I think I prefered Sigelei’s older menu system myself. Once in awhile companies like to change it up a bit in style, menu systems, ect. And I wonder why change something that was working well already and I am reminded sometimes change can be a really nice thing if you are willing to try something new now and again.

Of course what would a regulated vaping device be without all the standard safety features to keep you protected from the accidents and battery venting incidents exploited on social media daily, which might I add can all be avoided if you respect and adhere to proper and time testing safety guidelines set forth by the vaping community around the world. The Sigelei UFO has all the regulated safety features one should expect to find on a quality Sigelei vape device and are as follows: Check atomizer, low resistance, atomizer remove (if removed while in use), atomizer short, High Voltage, check battery, work overtime, and high temperature. As well you will find the ever so handy locking feature which allows you to lock your vape device from firing and preventing an accidental firing.

The shape of the Sigelei UFO differs from most single 18650 battery devices and I really like what they have done with the top portion where the fire button and the 510 connection are located up top. The fire button itself is a decent sized dome shaped button and it is mounted on a 45 degree angle except there is an inward curve to the surface area where the button sits, it is really a nice feel and ads to the out of this world look the Sigelei UFO has.

The 510 connection has a slight rise of perhaps a few millimeters to where it seats the atomizer and has three narrow air channels. Dead center the 510 connection glimmer to match the chrome finish all around the Sigelei UFO and has a spring loaded pin to assure solid positive pin connection to the atomizer. I’ve been using my Subtank Plus on top for the most part and it really fits like it was made to sit on top of the Sigelei UFO, it lines up perfect to the curved edging along the backside and because I have the red model it matches the red seals in my Subtank Plus.

The OLED screen is actually a pretty good size and a part that I’ve found really adds to the appeal of this Sigelei UFO. It has a mirror like finish but at a tinted level to match all of the chrome like finish found around the rest of the device. When the OLED screen is not lit up you just get straight mirror finish but as soon as you hit the fire button or one of the adjustment buttons your readout on the screen becomes bright and visible even in direct sunlight. Sigelei claims the size of the OLED screen to be 0.91 inch(23.11 millimeters) for the length of the display and this gives ample room to display your wattage, temperature setting, battery level and volts at a relatively decent size so there is no squinting involved trying to read your settings. The mirror finished trim where the OLED display is also runs the full length between the upper and lower chrome finish trim and in the upper section you find the adjustment buttons mounted vertical to one another. Some people are not huge fans of the mirror shiny effect or finish on devices due to it’s uncanny ability to gather fingerprints but I myself find it appealing, it only takes a few seconds to removed unwanted fingerprints resulting in a beautiful glimmer and an eye catching finish.

The physical shape of the main body on the Sigelei UFO is not to far off from the single 18650 Battery vape device but it’s the trimming and the upper portion that really set it aside from the others. It’s dimension are a little bulkier that for example the IPVD3 but not significantly enough to keep it from fitting in a smaller pocket. With a squared off from side where the OLED display is found there is no mistaking the front from the back, the backside holds the same round edge that comes down from the 510 connection which works perfect for the battery door.

There is a Micro USB port on the side of the Sigelei UFO located near the bottom and this is a much wiser location for this port for those who like to use their vaporizer while it is charging, it can be set down properly without the chord interfering with the standing stability of the unit. Whether you chose to charge your 18650 batteries by USB or a specific charger is completely up to you, I prefer to use my Nitecore charger as I have stated in other reviews as well Wake and Vape has plenty of great reliable chargers to chose from.

At this point it is unknown to me whether or not there will be upgrades available for the Sigelei UFO as I looked into Sigelei’s page for the UFO and did not see a bit of information on there about software upgrades but on second thought the Sigelei UFO is still so new it’s not on too many minds. My opinion is that they most likely will not do any upgrades but rather release another model of it with the upgrade already performed by the manufacturer like Pioneer4you decided to do with the IPVD2 to the IPVD3 but again if you read my review of the IPVD3 I did mention the lack of micro USB on the IPVD2 so they kind of had no choice but to release an upgraded model, this may not be the need with the Sigelei UFO but really in the end I’m just throwing ideas out there and it is really up to Sigelei, personally if I were making the call I’d give it at least another 15 watts in power mode and perhaps make them available in more colors, people love colors.

The Sigelei UFO‘s battery door is something I can honestly say I’ve never come across on another vape device, it’s actually hinged from the left side and has ample swing room for installing and removing your 18650 battery with no risk of hitting, dinging or jamming the battery in. To keep this hinged battery door from wildly swinging about the Sigelei has installed 3 tiny little neodymium magnets each along the upper and lower inside sections to meet up with the battery door and they really do hold it closed well enough where you don’t end up with the door accidentally swinging open. Sure to some people it is just another extra feature but to me it is a difference from everything else out there and I enjoy being different and having different things that are for now unique.

A little more on the battery compartment aside from the hinged swing open door with it’s fancy magnets, is how well you can see what needs to be seen inside and no second guessing which end is marked for which polarity. Sigelei has made the Positive symbol up top and the negative symbol down below large and clear enough that there should be no mistaking the one for the other. As well the upper terminal (positive) is spring loaded so to help ease battery installation.

The main power range does kind of set a limit to the size of some build or coils that you might want to use after all the Sigelei UFO is only 55 watts at it’s maximum power setting. I’ve found myself mainly using my Kangertech Subtank Plus with the RBA section around 28 watts. I’m not the best at building coils inside the RBA section and with what I’ve installed inside of it anything more than 28 watts tends to lead to dry hits. Large tanks such as the Smok TFV4 call for a much higher wattage range than the Sigelei UFO is capable of and is one of the only other tanks I currently own so I do apologize than I cannot recommend some of the other tanks available on the market but I can assure you than anything calling for a 10 to 55 watt range this Sigelei UFO will have no issues driving them.

I did a smaller build using nichrome in a rebuildable atomizer (dripper) and it was around 0.4 ohm, I could have gone lower in resistance as the Sigelei claims to be capable of firing down to 0.05 ohm resistance which is almost unbelievable for a single 18650 battery device. I put the build in my Lush RDA and them screwed it on top of the Sigelei UFO and fire it up starting at 30 watts. Understand with a smaller build using Nichrome it does not require much power at all so right away the UFO powered up my build and I was throwing a pretty decent cloud. I of course rejuiced my cotton and turned it up gradually to it’s maximum 55 watts and had at it for a while. It didn’t take long to notice a hefty battery voltage drop and the device was starting to get warm from steady use. The Sigelei UFO does have a good size vent near the top under the 510 connection so I gave it some time too cool but I did notice the power level stayed down, this little device was really sucking back the battery life so I turned it down to 40 watts and felt content with that setting.

When I went back to using my tank I installed a stock 0.2 ohm kangertech coil into my Subtank Plus, refilled the tank and threw it on the Sigelei UFO. As well I installed a fresh battery and decided to do some heavy vaping. I left my other vapes at home and brought just the Sigelei UFO with Subtank out for a walk to one of our local shops and show it off for a bit. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the look and size of the UFO but most were unimpressed by the lack of power feeling it was based more towards an entry level vape device. I can agree to a certain extent in personally knowing what having a 200 watt device provides in the terms of power needs but at the same time I own a Subtank that I do enjoy time to time and putting my Subtank on a 200 watt vaping device seems more akin to swatting a mosquito with a scud missile, pure overkill. So really the Sigelei UFO has it’s place in my vape gear collection and definitely serves it’s purpose well.


  • Battery: Single 18650
  • Screen:0.91″ OLED
  • Input Voltage Range:3.2 Volts to 4.3 Volts
  • Output Wattage Range: 5.0 Watts to 55 Watts
  • Atomizer Resistance Range: 0.05 Ohm to 2.5 Ohm
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 8.5 Volts
  • Maximum Input Current: 20A
  • Maximum Output Current: 35A
  • Temperature Control Range: 212 ° F to 572° F or 100°C to 300°C
  • Standby Time: 10 Seconds

The battery did seem to run a bit weak once the main voltage level fell below half way but to be honest how much work can you really expect a single 18650 battery to do. I’ve found with just about any of my other Single 18650 battery mods that they felt weak or had a longer ramp up time below half way and I do realize there is a voltage step up technology at play where the device is still supposed to be able to fire at any voltage even if nominal voltage is below the desired level but I can imagine this only can work to a certain point. Either way I’m satisfied with the performance of the Sigelei UFO for how I have chosen to use it.


  • Perfect for lower wattage tank
  • Great Starter Vape
  • Unique styling
  • Temperature Control Modes both Nickel and Titanium
  • Affordably Price
  • Perfect pocket sized vape device
  • Huge OLED Screen
  • USB Charge
  • Hinged swing open Battery Door


  • Gets weak under half battery life
  • Could use another 15 to 25 watts more power
  • Need more color options

I would feel very confident in recommending someone to order the Sigelei UFO Kit that has on their site as it’s a hell of a deal! Considering it’s only $69.95 USD and you not only get an amazing unique styled single 18650 battery vaporizer, you also get a Sigelei X-Tank with glass drip tip, a premium 18650 battery of your choice, a Wake and Vape carrying sock for easy carrying and it all comes in Wake and vape’s signature vape box. A great choice for any starter or as a gift to help someone you care about quit the smoking, this I feel would help!

In final after using the Sigelei UFO for a weeks with various setups of either my Kangertech Subtank Plus or if I decided to use a simple build in a rebuildable atomizer the Sigelei UFO met my demands or needs in a single 18650 battery vaporizer. It could use a bit more power but again more power leads to a dead battery sooner. I personally am deciding to dedicated my Subtank to the Sigelei UFO and the UFO to my Subtank, they are a perfect pair for when I need something small and on the go. Be sure to check out the Sigelei UFO for yourself today at as I think you will find it a unique addition to your vape collection or a superb choice as a first vape device, not to mention a Super Low Price of $50 USD or get it in a complete ready to go kit for $65.95! Simply put this little vape device is freaking amazing and I cannot put it down at points!