Wake and Vape and the United States Postal Service

I am proud we started out in a living room. Now we have moved our shipping operation to our warehouse…..pictures in this post are of us when we were still a small ebay seller and building up our Wake and Vape website. Thank goodness I have hired people now to handle all our shipping. Back in the days pictured I use to hand gift wrap every order placed from our website….:) Every one thought i was crazy.

We ship same day if we receive the order before 3pm Pacific. We do not ship on weekends. You will receive email confirmation once your order ships.

We use USPS first class mail for 90 percent of our packages. If you did not pay extra for shipping this is how your vape will be sent. Some key points to know about first class postage:

  • USPS tracking on first class packages is NOT up to the minute
  • Delivery confirmation is included
  • It is cheap!!! UPS, DHL and Fed Ex are much more expensive for small packages.
  • USPS claims 2-5 business days, but sometimes it is slower
  • We ship from Southern California, delivery time is mostly depends on your proximity.
  • USPS DOES NOT guarantee any delivery dates, but are usually fast…
  • They rarely lose packages
  • It is an American company paying good wages to good people.
  • Wake and Vape is a proud believer and supporter of the United States Postal Service

The USPS is not as sexy as the other big 3 shipping companies (UPS, DHL, Fed Ex), and they definitely are not as fast and as effective with tracking, but they are the Wake and Vape shipper of choice .Why is that?

On small packages nobody can touch the price of sending a vape with the USPS. Every vape user seems to want the lowest price possible…the lowest price is with USPS. If you expect super tracking and guaranteed delivery times…pay extra for UPS delivery…we give our customers that option.

Another good option is pay extra for priority mail. Priority mail is faster than first class, more consistent and much more accurate tracking. Priority mail is only a few bucks extra and worth the extra expense if you are the type to stress over getting your package on time.

If your package runs late using first class mail….it does no good to stress, to call usps or to call us… there is nothing anyone can do to check on your package. . Also its totally typical for your tracking to say that your package is held up in some point….but in reality your package is probably on its way and the tracking has not updated. USPS does not offer up to the moment tracking and does not pretend to. Tracking just gives you a general idea where your package is.

I use to be a USPS hater….when i started out in the Vape business i was an ebay seller during the winter season when the nation was being hit by storms and there was shipping delays. Customers were irate because they were not getting updated tracking results. Even when there are not winter storms many USPS packages get hit with unexpected delays. I have seen packages sit for up to a week in some mid point postage center for no known reason. IF you try to call USPS about these delays they are less than helpful. Its a waiting game…nobody can do anything about it other than wait. If you have not received your package in 2 weeks then you can file a loss complaint.

That being said and this is a big point…. i have shipped thousands of packages and the USPS has never lost a package. That speaks volumes I think of the USPS as old faithful. . I ship a very small number with UPS and already they have lost 2 packages inexplicably.

We stand behind our products and guarantee delivery. If the package is lost in the mail between you and us we will cover it even though we are technically not responsible after we ship it. We guarantee your package will be delivered to your door. It is up to you to make sure your mail is being left to a secure place….we are not responsible if someone swipes it from your doorstep.

The last point is the USPS is a staple American company that hires many American employees and treats them right with solid employment, good pay, and benefits. The USPS is important to the USA economy and is one of the largest employers of middle class people there is. We are proud to be a supporter of the United States postal service. 20141227-img-7471-1.jpg