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IPV Mini 2 Vinyl Wrap

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  • Made of durable 3mm Vinyl to protect your vape from scratches. 

  • UV protected lacquer coating gives the vinyl a shiny sweet look that will never fade.

  • Die-cut template makes it easy to line up and apply.

  • Not a sticker....high quality vinyl wrap.

  • Removing is easy and leaves no residue.

  • MADE WITH LOVE IN THE USA from my good friend with a vinyl shop.

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The only negative view I have ever heard about the IPV Mini 2 is that it is prone to scratches. If you put a skin on your IPV Mini 2, scratches will never permeate and you won't see old scratches. My friend owns a sticker shop with a gigantic vinyl printing machine and gave me an incredible price on vinyl skin wraps, which matches any competing wrap in the market, and I have decided to pass the savings down to you, since I am hoping you will buy your next box mod from me. I make no money on these. 

He starts with 3 milimeter "high performance" vinyl (this is the most expensive stuff they have) used for covering exotic cars. Designed to hug the crazy curves of a super car, and it's perfect for the sweet curvatures in the IPV Mini 2. He uses top grade UV protectant ink designed to last 10 years.

He then runs it through a second gigantic machine that puts a clear coat lacquer on it, that protects the design from UV rays and makes it high gloss to my specifications (I like my skins shiny and slick).

My buddy is a true perfectionist and then picks the exact right adhesive so it holds the skin on tight, but when you decide you want to go naked or you want to change skins, you can remove the skin effortlessly without leaving any sticky residue.

I can tell you there is no better skin on the market. Ours is US made with LOVE. Then why is ours so cheap? Because this is a little piece of vinyl and whatever anyone else tells you, they are fairly cheap to make. Those who are charging $10 plus for the same quality skins are vape bandits. Don't give them your money. Quality skins should be cheap and everyone should own at least three so they can change their skin color whenever they please. 

Additional Information

  • 3mm Vinyl Material "High Performance" Auto Grade Vinyl
  • UV Lacquer Coating
  • US MADE Quality Workmanship
  1. mia love review by N/A on 9/28/2016

    Fits perfect, love it!?

  2. A must have for your ipv mini 2! review by Lane Carman on 9/28/2016

    If you ordered an ipv mini 2 or are thinking about it than you might as well consider ordering one of these badass vinyl wraps to go along with it. Great, high quality wrap that protects your ipv mini 2 from any scratches or normal wear and tear. The wraps go on easy and look absolutely amazing. So go do yourself a favor and order one to go along with your ipv mini 2. I also received an extra one with the purchase of my ipv mini 2 so thanks to them for that!?

  3. Aliens & Mia review by Augustine on 9/28/2016

    Love the design and the fit is perfect! Completely protects my ipv mini 2.?
    Also received the Mia wrap via Ashely's special (because Ashley is the best) and all the ladies want to know where I got it at the store. I said wakeandvape.com beeches!?

  4. Better Safe than Sorry review by Momma Layne on 9/28/2016

    I honestly purchased a wrap, because my daughter was scared that my Matrix tank combine with my IPV mini looked like a little gun. I'm so happy that I did. You can't beat the price and it goes on easy/peasy. You would be better off getting the wrap on right away. As an IPV mini scratches easily. I will buy more. Give me some more designs. I purchased the wood and psychedelic print.?

  5. Great wrap review by Michael Hancock on 9/28/2016

    Wrap fits prefect and looks great. I am very happy it and would buy it again.?

  6. psychedelic wrap review by Frank on 9/28/2016

    fits very well and super duper cheap (inexpensive) I love this. sometimes I put down my mod and then i can't find it cuz it kinda blends in, Not with my new wrap it doesn't! thank you :)?

  7. Excellent feel, sick design! review by Paul Hechanova on 9/28/2016

    I picked up the Mia skin for my IPV Mini 2 after suffering from the black model's notorious peeling. The skin was a cinch to apply and was a great fit. The vinyl is a great feel and the amazing design has fooled friends into thinking Ive purchased a completely new mod. I love it!! A must have for anyone looking to preserve their mod and look good doing it.?

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